Sunday, 10 September 2017

Don't you hate it when the power goes out

Hook:Don't you find it frustrating when the power goes out? Is hard, well I'm sure everyone does

An example is when you are watching Shortland Street, but then you think someone might die and then SUDDENLY, BOOM! You are sitting in the cold darkness with no power because, a stupid bird decided to sit on the power line and it got electrocuted. You come back to school the next day and then all your friends are like “hey Anne, Anne, guess what Frank died from Shortland Street” and you are like “I was going to watch that on Sunday you know, but never mind”.

Another frustrating moment is when you are addicted with slime and you love watching YouTube videos on how to make fluffy slime, butter slime, and all the other types of slimes. But then it says you need to put it in the fridge but then, BZZ! A squirrel started to climb the power line, and of course got electrocuted. Man animals can be annoying sometimes!
Now you have to put your thinking caps on like in the black and white days.

Now lastly this is what everybody likes to do which is to be texting your friends all day long it's, a casual thing. Everybody loves to do that. But you don't realise that your friend loses reception and can't text you anymore and you get really angry, and you think your friend doesn't like you anymore. You come back to school the next day and you were like to your friend “why were you so angry at me yesterday when we were texting each other.”

Oh yeah if this ever happens to you again, stay calm and before you know it, the power will be back on just for you.


Monday, 3 July 2017

Science project 7

                Science project 7
Week 9.                                  Vortex wings
This week we were split into 3 groups. Group 1 did paper helicopters, group 2 did vortex wings and group 3 did paper parachutes. I had done the vortex wings. I thought mine was weird, it wasn't the way it looked, it wasn't the way it flew, it was the way it landed. It had always landed on the side of the vortex wing. I had made 2 vortex wings. The first one I tried was made out of plain white thin paper. The other vortex wings I made was made out of green cardboard, I also had added some decorations on it. I had gone up at a really high point and tested my vortex wings. They had both went really well. I started to think, what force is acting on the vortex wings. Well I thought it was drag because when I tested them they had gone back to me like a boomerang. I started to wonder what would happen if I put a GIANT hole in the middle of the vortex wings. I think it would just go straight down and have no forces acting on the vortex wings. I was also wondering does it go further depending on the wind or does it depend on the vortex wings, who knows? Does it have to be certain material to make it go higher, who knows? I wonder when you go to fly the vortex wings, does it have to be on a certain angle. I wonder what's better to use out of paper or card paper, I think it is better to use paper because paper is thinner than cardboard, I also think it's better for thin paper to go through the wind. I had inferred that when I had flew the vortex wings it went back to me (like I said earlier on.) For my data gathering I am at relational because I have explained to you what happened. With my inferring I am at relational because I can infer stuff and connect them together
By Anne

Monday, 26 June 2017

Science project 6

Science Project 6
Week 9.                                                                                              Paper helicopter                                                                                
                  Today I will be talking about my paper helicopter
This week we were split into 3 groups. Group 1 created a parachute , group 2 which was my group, we did the paper helicopters and group 3 created a paper vortex. When I did the paper helicopter it was a bit too small, so I made another another one and it was a bit too wide. So I tried them out. The first one I  tried was the small one, it didn't really fly well I suppose it glided. If you are wondering what Is gliding, it is something that doesn't have control over its movements. Then I tried the wide paper helicopter and it worked really well.
I wonder why the small one didn't work?
My inferences are at multistructural because I am still learning on how to connect my inferring  . My data gathering is at multistructural because I haven't yet learnt how t gather my data. Overall I enjoyed everything that I have done.
By Anne

Science project 2
Tuesday 23 May 2017                                          Balloon rocket
Week 2. Balloon rocket
Equipment: 2 straws 1 long strip of wool and 2 chairs.
It all started with 2 straws, 1 long strip of wool and 2 chairs and the first thing Zoe and I did, was ask Mrs  Pageot “how do you do this?” Zoe and I thought let's go look at what other people have done, so we did. We started to get an idea for what to do. Firstly we had to put the straws through the wool we were struggling to get it through. We asked Mrs Pageot to see if she could help. She said “you can cut it smaller if you want” so we said “that's a GREAT idea. Thankyou Mrs Pageot.”We gave it a shot but it didn't really work, we were really stuck with the first step. We told Mrs Pageot “Mrs Pageot, we can't get the straw through the strip of wool and we have tried to cut it smaller and we still can't do it. Can you try.” But instead she gave us some fishing line, it was way much easier to get the straw through the fishing line. So off to the next step which is to get the chairs to sit opposite each other. The third step was to tie the fishing line onto the chair. Fourth step was to blow the balloon up and then tape it to the straw and then observe the distance, the shape, the sound and the movement of the balloon. With the movement Zoe and I observed that it had looked like a slingshot, fast and it had spun around. With the sound it was like a wooly cushion and it sounded like someone was farting. With the shape it looked like a normal balloon blown up and a round oval. With the distance it had gone all the way to the other chair which was 1 meter. On the rubrics I am at multistructural.
By Anne

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science project 5

              Science project 5
week 5.                                Flight
                  Here today I am talking about what I learnt about flight
In week 5 we learnt all about flight. I had always wondered, is gliding the same as flying. Well no it isn't.  With flying it is something that has control over its movement. And with gliding it is something that has no control over its movements. Are you wondering who controls the gliding movement. Well it is the wind that moves it around. I learnt that thrust is the forward force which required to move a plane through the air. With drag it is a force that acts against thrust and also slows the plane down. With lift it is a force that helps the plane go up and stay up. With weight it is a force that helps the plane go down. I wonder what would happen to a plane if it had none of these forces. This week I learnt about what the 4 forces are on a plane and what they are for. I learnt the difference between flying and gliding. My data gathering is multistructural.
By Anne

Science project 4

                  Science project 4
week 4.                                       Trebuchet/catapult
In week 4 we used a trebuchet which is like a catapult. I noticed that the heavier it was, the further it would go. I was surprised how far it went for the first time because I have never seen a trebuchet/catapult, it was my first time seeing one. The furthest one was 9 bars (not sure what the bars were made out of.) We had used a tennis ball which was the one that had got shot and it had gone 22.2 metres. I was wondering, if it was a hockey ball instead of tennis ball it might not go far because of the weight of the hockey ball compared to a tennis ball. My data gathering is at relational because in my text I am explaining what has happened.
By Anne

Science project 3

                 Science project 3
Week 3.                                          Rocket balloon
In week 3 we did a balloon rocket just like week 2 but instead we used different equipment this week. Last week we used 2 chairs, 1 long strip of wool string and 2 straws. Week 3 we used 2 chairs 1 long strip of fishing wire/line and ¼ of A4 piece of paper (we had to use at least ¼ piece of paper.)
But since I wasn't there I am predicting what had happened. I predict that it wouldn't have gone far because of the weight on the balloon.
By Anne