Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science project 5

              Science project 5
week 5.                                Flight
                  Here today I am talking about what I learnt about flight
In week 5 we learnt all about flight. I had always wondered, is gliding the same as flying. Well no it isn't.  With flying it is something that has control over its movement. And with gliding it is something that has no control over its movements. Are you wondering who controls the gliding movement. Well it is the wind that moves it around. I learnt that thrust is the forward force which required to move a plane through the air. With drag it is a force that acts against thrust and also slows the plane down. With lift it is a force that helps the plane go up and stay up. With weight it is a force that helps the plane go down. I wonder what would happen to a plane if it had none of these forces. This week I learnt about what the 4 forces are on a plane and what they are for. I learnt the difference between flying and gliding. My data gathering is multistructural.
By Anne

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