Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science project 1

                                                    science Project 1
Monday 22 may 2017                                                                                         Slimming Mr Anderson

Week 1. Making slime (Monday)
Early hours in the morning I had arrived at school and I had seen everyone crowding in both rooms looking at discussing awful smelly slime. My friends had grabbed me by the arm and said “Anne Anne Anne look Mrs Pageot and Miss Smith are making slime.” I started to think what's the slime for. So I went to check out the slime. I asked Miss Smith “what's the slime for?” She said “All the classes are making slime to pour over Mr Anderson” then there went the bell so we all headed down to the hall. There were people sitting down across the step with a bucket filled with discussing awful smelly slime. Firstly everyone explained about their slime that there class/teachers made. And next up was pouring the slime on top of Mr Anderson. He Tangata/room 16 were up first to pour their smelly slime on top of Mr Anderson. Guess what happened when Finn had poured the slime over Mr Anderson, it had just gone plop like a poop. In this slimming Mr Anderson thing I learnt how to make oblique because I have never made oblique before and I have always wondered how to make it.
On the rubrics, I think I am at relational because I am explaining what I did, what it looked like, and can describe what has happened.
By Anne

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  1. Hey Anne, I think this is a great piece of writing. Your learning is above the clouds!
    I wish I could write just like you. Also, I would like to tell you what great descriptive words there are in your writing. It is great and above my skills. some day your .😍😜.Elia 😉🙃