Monday, 26 June 2017

Science project 2
Tuesday 23 May 2017                                          Balloon rocket
Week 2. Balloon rocket
Equipment: 2 straws 1 long strip of wool and 2 chairs.
It all started with 2 straws, 1 long strip of wool and 2 chairs and the first thing Zoe and I did, was ask Mrs  Pageot “how do you do this?” Zoe and I thought let's go look at what other people have done, so we did. We started to get an idea for what to do. Firstly we had to put the straws through the wool we were struggling to get it through. We asked Mrs Pageot to see if she could help. She said “you can cut it smaller if you want” so we said “that's a GREAT idea. Thankyou Mrs Pageot.”We gave it a shot but it didn't really work, we were really stuck with the first step. We told Mrs Pageot “Mrs Pageot, we can't get the straw through the strip of wool and we have tried to cut it smaller and we still can't do it. Can you try.” But instead she gave us some fishing line, it was way much easier to get the straw through the fishing line. So off to the next step which is to get the chairs to sit opposite each other. The third step was to tie the fishing line onto the chair. Fourth step was to blow the balloon up and then tape it to the straw and then observe the distance, the shape, the sound and the movement of the balloon. With the movement Zoe and I observed that it had looked like a slingshot, fast and it had spun around. With the sound it was like a wooly cushion and it sounded like someone was farting. With the shape it looked like a normal balloon blown up and a round oval. With the distance it had gone all the way to the other chair which was 1 meter. On the rubrics I am at multistructural.
By Anne

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