Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science project 4

                  Science project 4
week 4.                                       Trebuchet/catapult
In week 4 we used a trebuchet which is like a catapult. I noticed that the heavier it was, the further it would go. I was surprised how far it went for the first time because I have never seen a trebuchet/catapult, it was my first time seeing one. The furthest one was 9 bars (not sure what the bars were made out of.) We had used a tennis ball which was the one that had got shot and it had gone 22.2 metres. I was wondering, if it was a hockey ball instead of tennis ball it might not go far because of the weight of the hockey ball compared to a tennis ball. My data gathering is at relational because in my text I am explaining what has happened.
By Anne

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