Monday, 26 June 2017

Science project 6

Science Project 6
Week 9.                                                                                              Paper helicopter                                                                                
                  Today I will be talking about my paper helicopter
This week we were split into 3 groups. Group 1 created a parachute , group 2 which was my group, we did the paper helicopters and group 3 created a paper vortex. When I did the paper helicopter it was a bit too small, so I made another another one and it was a bit too wide. So I tried them out. The first one I  tried was the small one, it didn't really fly well I suppose it glided. If you are wondering what Is gliding, it is something that doesn't have control over its movements. Then I tried the wide paper helicopter and it worked really well.
I wonder why the small one didn't work?
My inferences are at multistructural because I am still learning on how to connect my inferring  . My data gathering is at multistructural because I haven't yet learnt how t gather my data. Overall I enjoyed everything that I have done.
By Anne

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