Sunday, 10 September 2017

Don't you hate it when the power goes out

Hook:Don't you find it frustrating when the power goes out? Is hard, well I'm sure everyone does

An example is when you are watching Shortland Street, but then you think someone might die and then SUDDENLY, BOOM! You are sitting in the cold darkness with no power because, a stupid bird decided to sit on the power line and it got electrocuted. You come back to school the next day and then all your friends are like “hey Anne, Anne, guess what Frank died from Shortland Street” and you are like “I was going to watch that on Sunday you know, but never mind”.

Another frustrating moment is when you are addicted with slime and you love watching YouTube videos on how to make fluffy slime, butter slime, and all the other types of slimes. But then it says you need to put it in the fridge but then, BZZ! A squirrel started to climb the power line, and of course got electrocuted. Man animals can be annoying sometimes!
Now you have to put your thinking caps on like in the black and white days.

Now lastly this is what everybody likes to do which is to be texting your friends all day long it's, a casual thing. Everybody loves to do that. But you don't realise that your friend loses reception and can't text you anymore and you get really angry, and you think your friend doesn't like you anymore. You come back to school the next day and you were like to your friend “why were you so angry at me yesterday when we were texting each other.”

Oh yeah if this ever happens to you again, stay calm and before you know it, the power will be back on just for you.


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